Edaphic Scientific are specialists in environmental monitoring and scientific research. Not only do we supply a comprehensive range of sensors and meters for environmental scientists, engineers and consultants, but we also design, install and implement environmental monitoring systems.

Our services are ideal for engineers, consultants, scientists, researchers, growers, and students, across all government areas and private industry, for the monitoring of light, gas and water in the environment.

Edaphic Scientific is based in northern New South Wales however we service and can provide staff to all parts of Australia, New Zealand and south-east Asia.

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services include:

  • project design:

    We can assist in the initial stages of your project to design the most efficient and cost effective sampling and measurement protocol.


  • sourcing equipment:

    We have extensive experience with sensors, data loggers and instrumentation and we can source the best quality and most cost effective equipment for your project. We can source equipment from any supplier from around the world at competitive rates. However, we do have a range of preferred suppliers who in our experience provide the best quality and most reliable equipment. Click here to view our preferred sensors, instruments and data loggers.



  • equipment installation:

    Edaphic Scientific can install your monitoring equipment and ensure everything is up and running. We also provide equipment training so your staff know how to appropriately and correctly use the instrumentation.



  • data analysis:

    Our scientists and engineers can undertake analysis of your data sets. We can undertake basic analysis such as descriptive statistics or more complex analyses such as univariate and multivariate statistical analysis of environmental parameters.


  • scientific papers / report writing:

    Dr Michael Forster, the Director of Edaphic Scientific, has published papers in world-leading international peer-reviewed journals. Dr Forster can assist with data analysis and MS preparation if you do not have the time. Dr Forster has collaborated, or is currently collaborating, with scientists from University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, UNSW Australia, Western Sydney Univeristy, and RMIT University. Click here to view Dr Forster’s Google Scholar Profile.