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Unisense Eddy-full-system-900x430measure benthic multiple parameter flux with the Unisense Eddy Correlation System

Unisense offers a complete Plug ‘N Deploy Eddy Correlation System to study benthic fluxes in aquatic environments. The Eddy Correlation technology is becoming a standard methodology for benthic research measuring flux of O2, H2S, temperature and conductivity. The technique allows non-invasive in situ measurements of flux in the hydrodynamic boundary layer of permeable sediments, sea grass beds or coral reefs by simultaneous measurements of vertical velocity and concentration of e.g. oxygen, thus being a complementary method to profiling studies and chamber incubations.

Unisense Eddy-sensors-and-vector-900x430 (Mobile)The next generation Eddy Correlation System-2 (EC2) excels in being a complete system with superior and transparent data handling. The new EC2 tailored amplifiers reveal exceptional and unmatched noise levels with significant improvement over existing technologies. LAN support allows you to study near real-time data and via web browser interface configure and adjust system settings.

  • Complete system
  • Superior signal and data handling
  • True signal path – exceptionally low noise
  • Measure O2, H2S, temperature and conductivity
  • Four high speed channels
  • Ready for optodes and RS-232 devices
  • Ultrafast data download
  • Berg EddyFlux data analysis software
  • Dedicated workshops and trainings

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your system

The Eddy Correlation System-2 is a complete solution that can be customized to fit your application. You can select between a heavier ROV manageable frame and the lightweight Berg Frame. The new Field DataLogger gives you four high speed EC2 channels and full system integration with multiple choices and support for more ADV’s, optode technology and RS-232 devices. The system can be deployed to 300 m depth, optional 4000 m, and the standard system has 34 hour battery time, which can be extended by extra battery packages.

The sensors provided with the EC2 system are fast responding microsensors optimized for Eddy Correlation. In addition to oxygen microsensors, H2S, temperature and conductivity microsensors are available. A reference optode is included for signal normalizing and temperature measurement.



The sensor signals are amplified by custom designed high-end EC amplifiers giving you an exceptionally low noise floor (below 50 fA) and a fast response with t90 of less than 40 ms.


field data logger

Unisense Eddy-Software-illustration3-900x430Logging of data and support for ADV’s, CTD’s, wave/tide and other RS-232 devices are completed by the powerful Unisense Field DataLogger. The datalogger has four ultrafast 16-bit EC2 channels with internal sampling of 10 kHz. Complete data sets are downloaded in only minutes through LAN connection to your PC for data analysis.



System settings can be configured and adjusted via an easy and intuitive web browser interface allowing you to view near real-time data and download data for analysis during deployment. Conversion tool for easy data export and Berg EddyFlux data analysis software is included.



Berg,P. et al (2008), Monitoring the seafloor using the noninvasive eddy correlation technique: Integrated benthic exchange dynamics, Oceanography, 164 – 167, vol. 21

Berg,P. et al (2009), Eddy correlation measurements of oxygen uptake in deep ocean sediments, Limnol.Oceanogr.: Methods, 576 – 584, vol. 7


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