field micro-profiling

precision microsensor field measurements


The new Field MicroProfiling System is the solution for your outdoor and laboratory microsensor research! Collect cores and samples for laboratory studies, or take the meter and motor outdoor to measure right where the action takes place.

With waterproof motor and sensor, splash proof meter and 5 m of sensor cable length, you now have the option to study in the field and at shallow water without worrying about the protecting your setup against water and weather.

The Field Microsensor Multimeter comes with 8 channels for multi-analyte studies and/or replicate measurements. The Field Motor ensures stable positioning and handling of your microsensors with high spatial resolution for your microprofilling studies.

Take all the benefits from your lab system with you into the field!

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field microsensor multimeter

It comes with all the benefits know from our Microsensor Multimeter with easy sensor connection and sensor polarization, but now as a water resistant meter ready for outdoor use. Further benefits include build-in datalogger, motor control, prepared for MicroOptode Meter, internal rechargeable battery and robust design.

  • Outdoor and water resistant system
  • 8 channel amplifier with plug‘N’play connector
  • 5x pA, 2x mV and 1x Temperature
  • 5 m sensor cables
  • Build-in datalogger
  • Export of data into SensorTrace Suite for data analysis

The intuitive PC programming software makes it easy to create measuring programs and routines to download on the Field Microsensor Multimeter. The build-in user interface ensures easy on-site sensor calibration and selection of program from the library.

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field motor

The robust motor is made for the Field Microsensor Multimeter for automatic shallow water/wetland profiling:

  • Outdoor and waterproof motor
  • 10 µm uni-direction step resolution
  • Upgradeable to 2D-profiling
  • Sensor mount for simultaneously profiling with up to 4 sensors
  • 5 m sensor cables
  • Mount on lab stand or in situ stand
  • Operated via the Field Microsensor Multimeter
MicroProfiles in 2D or 3D

The Motorized MicroProfiling System will allow you to complete one, two or three dimensional microprofiles automatically. Depth, step size, measuring time and number of replicates for the experiment are managed in SensorTrace Profiling, a software solution that also logs data and allows you to visualize your results while measuring.

unisense microsensors

The Unisense MicroRespiration microsensors have insignificant analyte consumption and a very low detection limit that allows for detection of minute concentration changes in the chambers. Correct insertion of the microsensor through the capillary is secured by the aluminum guide protecting the microsensor.

Below is a list of Unisense Microsensors suitable for the MicroRespiration System:


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