FMM field multimeter

8-channel Unisense field multimeter


The Unisense FMM is the ideal solution for field or laboratory microsensor measurements.

The FMM has 8-channels for microsensors, micro-electrodes and micro-temperature sensors. It has a robust and waterproof design so it is ideal for outdoors and field research. The FMM can also be used in the laboratory.

The FMM has built-in computer, data logger and battery therefore no additional laptops, PCs or power supply is required for microsensor measurements. All control and programming of microsensor measurements, including motor control and microprofiling, can be performed within the FMM.


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Standard configuration include 8 channel with 5 channels for amperiometric sensors, 2 channels for potentiometric sensors and 1 channel for temperature, giving you the option to measure multiple analytes and benefit from our wide selection of sensors. And even to do replicate measurements.

The intuitive programming PC programming software makes it easy to create measuring programs and routines to download on the Field Microsensor Multimeter. The build-in user interface ensures easy on-site sensor calibration and selection of program from the library.



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