underwater meter system

versatile amplifier and data logger system for field and underwater applications

Unisense UnderWater-Meter-900x430The Unisense UnderWater Meter is a high quality research tool that allows you to apply microsensor technology in the field. The robust UnderWater Meter can be used in humid rain forests, wetlands or operated by scuba divers underwater on coral reefs, in sea grass beds or muddy estuaries.

  • Waterproof to 30 m
  • Easy to operate using magnetic keys
  • Modular system with four channels for use with all Unisense sensors
  • Read directly from large and brigth LED display and log data
  • Digital outputs for data extraction
  • Analog output for external data acquisition

Download UnderWater Meter System Brochure

in-situ amplifiers

Unisense In-situ-amplifier,-connector-and-sensor-900x430The delicate microsensor signal is amplified by the Unisense In Situ Amplifier (ISA); these function as miniaturized pA or mV meters facilitating polarization of the microsensor. The ISAs ensure high quality signal with extremely low background noise, and are specific for each type of microsensor. All four channels of the UnderWater Meter can therefore be connected to any ISA and the amplifiers can easily be interchanged between channels. This gives you full flexibility and allows you to design an UnderWater Meter system that meets your study requirements

logging unit

Microsensor data are automatically saved in the logging unit. USB output gives you easy upload of data to a PC after deployment alternatively data can be monitored online and in real time on a PC using the optional analog output cable together with an A/D converter.

complete underwater meter system

UNisense Underwater Meter FieldWhen used for microscale measurements in the field, the microsensors should be mounted in a micromanipulator (MM33) on a stable stand (IS19). For measurements in incubation bottles or bulk water, the sensors can be held by hand or mounted in a frame structure. The Unisense UnderWater Meter System with accessories is an excellent choice for field studies giving you flexibility and a world of possibilities.

unisense microsensors

The UnderWater Meter System can support any of Unisense’s range of microsensors and electrodes.

underwater meter specifications

Unisense Underwater in-situ-connector-text_900x430Download Detailed UnderWater Meter Spec Sheet


Download UnderWater Meter Manual


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