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4-channel Unisense lab multimeter


The Unisense Multimeter is a 4-channel laboratory amplifier that enables you to measure multiple microsensor simultaneously.

The Multimeter is a high precision picoammeter that can support the sensitive measurements of the Unisense range of microsensors, micro-electrodes and micro-temperature sensors. Combined with the SensorTrace Suite software package, the Multimeter has a range of functions including sensor calibration, data logging, sediment profiling, animal and plant respiration measurements, photosynthesis, and more.

The Multimeter is extremely easy to use – simply turn on, connect a sensor and start measuring! The Multimeter automatically recognises the Unisense range of microsensors. Therefore, no programming is required enabling more time for productive research.

The Multimeter has 4 channels with the standard configuration of 2 x amperometric sensors, 1 x electrode and 1 x temperature sensor. However, Unisense can customise the channel configuration to meet your specific research requirements.


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Two channels for amperometric sensors (O2, NO, H2, H2S, N2O, NOx), one for potentiometric sensors (pH and Redox) and one channel for a temperature sensor give you complete flexibility for your experiments. The Microsensor Multimeter is easy to operate with automatic sensor recognition for most Unisense microsensors, OLED display, and direct communication to PC via USB connection.

Further advantages are:

  • Ease of use and simple data acquisition
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Operated via OLED display and keypad
  • USB connectivity to Windows PC
  • Battery, external voltage, or mains power operation
  • Free SensorTrace Logger software included

The configuration of the four channels of the Microsensor Multimeter can be customized to meet your experimental needs.



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