1-channel Unisense oxygen picoammeter


The OXY-Meter is a compact and economic one-channel amplifier for Unisense O2 microsensors with excellent signal handling and amplification. The OXY-Meter is powered via USB giving flexibility and independence of mains supply. It comes with SensorTrace Logger software, but it is also compatible with the Unisense software portfolio for integration into the MicroProfiling System and the MicroRespiration System.

  • Plug and play: Install the software and connect the sensor to the amplifier.
  • Automatic polarization of Unisense O2-microsensors
  • Provided with SensorTrace Logger data acquisition software
  • Small, handy, and robust instruments


detailed information

The Unisense OXY-meter is specifically designed to support the Unisense range of oxygen microsensors.

The oxygen microsensor is an excellent research tool for high quality oxygen measurements. The oxygen microsensor has been featured in ground breaking research in international peer reviewed journals such as Nature (see reference below).

The microsensor can be made with tip sizes of only 2-3 µm allowing for non-destructive measurements of oxygen at high spatial resolution in numerous applications. The response time ca be less than 0.3 sec and the oxygen microsensor has an insignificant oxygen consumption giving you fast and accurate oxygen measurements.



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