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high peformance oxygen micro-optode technology

Unisense MIcroOptode_portfolio_450x215The Unisense MicroOptode solutions provide cost-effective and robust oxygen sensing utilizing latest optical sensor technology. With full integration into our laboratory systems you get ease-of-use, full featured software and access to multi-analyte studies.

Choosing Unisense MicroOptode portfolio gives you access to the latest development within optical fiber sensor utilizing near infrared technology for improved performance, better signal to noise ratio, and faster response times. Simple two-point calibrations and temperature compensation ensures ease-of-use, while the fiber design gives you cost-effective studies for many different applications.

The Unisense software suite allows you to combine optical fiber technology with our broad offering of microsensors (eg H2S, N2O, NO, H2, pH, Redox and more) for multi-analyte studies. Thus adding the MicroOptode Meter to your MicroProfiling System, or soon MicroRespiration System, will give you new options, but you will benefit from integration, control and analysis in one combined solution.

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