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Unisense Software_2 (Mobile)Unisense has a range of software packages designed to suit your microsensors, profilers and various applications. Below is a description of the software and its functionality. Software includes:

  • SensorTrace Profiling – software for microsensor profiles
  • SensorTrace Logger – free software to log, save and analyse your Unisense data
  • SensorTrace Respiration – measure oxygen respiration rates
  • Sensor Trace Photo – software to determine photosynthetic rates


SensorTrace Profiling

Unisense SensorTrace Profiling (Mobile)SensorTrace Profiling is a software solution for setting up, completing microsensor profiles, and subsequent analysis and visualization of the measurements. While SensorTrace Logger is used for continuous logging of microsensor data, SensorTrace Profiling logs the measured analyte concentration together with the depth position of the micromanipulator to obtain microprofile data.
With SensorTrace Profiling you can control up to three motorized micromanipulators, thus enabling complete automation of multiple profiles in 2D or 3D. Data obtained from manual or motorized microprofiling experiments are easily visualized, analyzed and exported.

  • Compatible with all Unisense amplifiers
  • Complete 2D and 3D profiles
  • Visualize and analyze the microprofiles completed
  • Log data from all connected sensors simultaneously
  • Easy calibration of Unisense sensors


SensorTrace Logger

Unisense SensorTrace Logger (Mobile)SensorTrace Logger is a free Unisense software that enables you to log, save and analyze your microsensor data. Calibration of up to 16 Unisense microsensors is a simple task when using the SensorTrace Logger software. Data obtained from the microsensors are saved in an SQL database and all data can be exported in csv formatted files for subsequent data analysis in eg. Excel. During measurements you can continuously monitor the sensor signal via the strip-chart window for an instant overview of the entire experiment.

  • Works with all Unisense amplifiers
  • Enables easy calibration of Unisense microsensors
  • Free download
  • Perfect for continuous microsensor measurements or single point measurements
SensorTrace Logger+

SensorTrace Logger+ in an advance version of SensorTrace Logger and require a license key purchased for the full SensorTrace Suite. With SensorTrace Logger+ you get the added functionality of motor control allowing sensor positioning followed by datalogging.


SensorTrace Respiration

Measure oxygen respiration rates

Unisense SensorTrace Respiration (Mobile)SensorTrace Rate allows you to measure the oxygen respiration rate of small aquatic animals, bacteria, or oxygen production of phytoplankton. The Unisense MicroRespiration System simplifies measurement and calculation of oxygen production or consumption. The software keeps track of your samples and provides you with continuous measurements in all samples simultaneously using only one sensor.

  • Works with all digital Unisense amplifiers
  • Easy calibration of the MicroRespiration oxygen sensor
  • Data is continuously saved in a database and easily exported
  • Oxygen consumption and/or production can be monitored in real time and online
  • Calculations based on linear interpolation and regression enables you to measure continuously in several samples with only one sensor
  • Part of SensorTrace Suite software package  – one licence key for all packages
Measure analyte metabolism

The SensorTrace Rate software offers control of all Unisense amplifiers and allows calculation of metabolism rate of all analytes supported by the system, both as single and multiple analyte studies.


SensorTrace Photo

Determine Photosynthesis Rate

Unisense SensorTrace Photo (Mobile)The SensorTrace Photo software enables you to determine photosynthesis rate. Data from a Unisense Light Sensor is logged with data from a Unisense fast responding oxygen microsensor using the Photo software. This allows you to determine the photosynthesis rate by applying the light/dark shift technique. Immediately after the light has been switched off the respiration rate can be measured providing that the system was in steady state prior to switching off the light source. Based on the subsequent initial oxygen concentration decrease, the gross photosynthetic rate before the light was removed can be calculated.

  • Easy microsensor calibration
  • Controls Unisense MicroProfiling motors
  • Logging at defined time intervals
  • Load of data files for subsequent data analysis
  • Part of SensorTrace Suite software package  – one licence key for all packages



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